Lac Thien Restaurant

The cuisine of Hue, Vietnam is very unique and distinct, though it has been greatly influenced by the foods of China, Cambodia and, of late, even France. There are a number of amazing restaurants all over Hue, where one can try the Hue cuisine, which is generally of two types-the ‘Royal’, or ‘Imperial’ cuisine and the general cuisine of the local people.

Lac Thien Restaurant, Hue is one of the places where one can go to have a great Vietnamese meal.

Lac Thien Restaurant, Hue is probably the most famous restaurant in Hue, thanks to Lonely Planet that came and ate at this restaurant and sang great praises of it. Run by a deaf-mute family, this is a charming bar-cum-restaurant, which is frequented by locals, as well as a very large number of tourists.

The Lac Thien Restaurant, Hue has a bar on the lower level, where one can sit and have a drink with the locals. Upstairs is the dining space, adjacent to a balcony-terrace, while getting to which one passes the kitchen, where one can see the mother of the family preparing the dishes. The most famous dish that can be had at this restaurant is the savory shrimp crepes, which has been called by the Lonely Planet as the “Happy Crepes” commande internet cialis. The Lac Thien Restaurant, Hue also serves the famous local dishes, Banh Khoai and Nem Lui.


6 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hue City

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